3 Factors To Make The Virgin Hair Color Faded

Have you ever thought why your virgin hair that was dyed gradually get faded? Maybe you would be in confused about it. Let’s discuss the 5 reasons your hair color fades. We will guide you into how to treat the color of your hair better.

Hot Water

If you always use the hot water to wash your dyed affordable virgin hair, your hair is easily get faded. Hot water causes the cuticle to open up allowing the color to rinse out during shampooing. It is recommended that you can use the lukewarm water to rinse out the shampoo.

The Heat Tools

Using the heat tools too frequently, which is easily to make your virgin hair be damaged so that the hair color also faded quickly or get yellow. If you want to curl your hair into loose deep wave hair, it is better that you apply the heat protectant to avoid your virgin hair to get damaged.

UV Protection

Warm tip: Using the hair product with UV protection! Using the hair product with UV protection! Using the hair product with UV protection! Thrice to emphasize as it is important. The damaging UV rays of the sun causes the hair to fade. In order to keep the color of your hair last longer, you can wear a hat if you expose in direct sunlight. Your big curly hair weave should be taken good care.

Pay attention and avoid the factors that mentioned above to make the color of your hair faded,  Never ever waste your money!

  • Oct 27, 2018
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