Can I sleep in my wigs?

After buying our human virgin hair wigs or bundles with closure, all of my clients would ask me questions like “can I sleep in my wigs?” or “can I wash my wigs?” The answer is “Yes! Yes! Yes! ”


No matter weavings or closures or wigs, there are two main kinds of materials. One is synthetic hair, another one is human hair. The hair wigs or bundles buy from me all are the 100% human virgin hair, so you can sleep in it just like your natural hair, and you can wash it if necessary or in regular time.


But before you sleep in your wigs, I think there are some tips you should remember.

  1. When sleeping with your wigs, don’t forget to use the silk pillow, if you don’t have the silk pillow, you can put a silk pillowcase on your rough pillow. It will help prevent friction and protect your wig from getting tangled.


  1. When sleeping, don’t move your head around too much if you can control. If not, just forget it. And if necessary, you can tie your wigs up with bands and wear a silk scarf. It will help you a lot to keep the style of your wig and your wig will not be messed up.


  1. When you wake up in the morning, don’t forget to take off the band and brush it patiently with the right comb. Someone who wear kinky curly wigs, but she use the small teeth comb to brush her wig, so it will cause shedding very seriously. If your hair wig is straight style, you can use the small teeth to comb it, if not, I suggest you buy one big tooth comb to brush your wig. It is really helpful.


  1. Don’t forget that your human hair wigs can be washed in regular days, so plz treat it well just as your own hair, if you saw it is dirty, please wash it with the good shampoo and brush it softly to keep good looking of your wigs.


Remember your wigs need love too.

  • Aug 03, 2018
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