Can The Virgin Hair Extension Get Wet While Taking Shower

When we talking about the “Can the virgin hair extension get wet?”, most of people don’t know how to answer it. Today we hope that we could help you to solve this problem and make sure that you understand how to maintain your high-quality virgin hair extension.

  1. When you tape-in your virgin hair bundles, if you need to wash your virgin hair extension like body wave human hair, you should give it at least 48 hours; if you must wash your hair, you could consult the professional stylist who can give you some applicable suggestions. Your hair extension should be paid more attention as it is expensive, and you should not waste your money.
  1. The frequency of hair wash depend on your hairstyle. In general, it is the best way that you can wash twice a week. If your virgin hair is too frizzy, you couldn’t wash it too frequent because your hair will be frizzier and frizzier. I recommend that you buy the virgin hair from the best virgin hair boutique, at least it can guarantee that you would get the standard-quality human hair and help you to save your money.
  1. For the moisture, do not hesitate to apply the some moisture treatment to lock your hair moisture. You should avoid to close the scalp, if you always making the weft get wet, the weft will be damaged.
  1. Remember to do not brush your virgin hair when the hair is still wet especially the the curly human hair bundles. Once you do that, you hair would become more frizzy when it dried. We advise that let your virgin hair extension to air dry, which can make your hair extension to last longer and looks like the new one.
  • Sep 21, 2018
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