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Do you know what is 360 lace frontal?
Today I would like to introduce you the ishow hair 360 lace frontal. Maybe most of customers haven’t used the 360 lace frontal. Because most of them think the 4*4 lace closure or the ear to ear lace frontal with bundles are enough to make a full wig. They don’t bother to buy the more expensive 360 lace frontal.

Actually yes, the feature of the lace closure, lace frontal and the 360 lace frontal are similar, but the effect are totally different. If you pursue perfect and most natural, why not having a try the 360 lace frontal instead of normal 4*4 Swiss lace closure and 4*13 lace frontal?

The 360 lace frontal goes around the head, and cover much more scale than the lace closure and ear to ear lace frontal. If you go to the virgin hair boutique to buy hair extensions and you require best curly hair extensions to make a perfect wig, the professional sales for sure introduce you 3 bundles wefts with 360 lace frontal.

The lace closure only can cover the frontal top of the head, a very small scale. The lace frontal can cover the frontal scale from ear to ear, the 360 lace frontal will help you to cover around your head. Especially if you like to tie a ponytail, the 360 lace frontal will help you a lot. It looks more natural to tie a ponytail with a 360 lace frontal.    

When we install the hair weft with 360 lace frontal, we are supposed to install the 360 lace frontal first, after finishing the 360 lace frontal, we can continue to sew the weft on one bundle by one bundle, usually 3 bundles with 360 lace frontal can make a really full and thick hair.
  • Sep 01, 2018
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