Is all the wig will shed? Maybe part of them will. There are many kinds of raw material for wig production, But, for the best quality and the most natural is virgin hair, that means is made from real human hair.

  Women from someplace they won’t do the haircut when the hair grow to more than one meter long, they would choose to cut it off then sell it. These hair are vital, is different from the hair that made from the colloid material. We won’t add anything when manufacture, make sure all the hair is virgin hair. We have a technology to make sure the roots on the same side, can avoid hair tangling and shedding. When the hair is not knotted and the hair is combed, the hair won’t torn because of force. If you want to buy a wig with no shedding, virgin hair is the best choice. By the way, the virgin human is the great material for making a wig, when you put on it, you will feel that wig is yours. But many wigs sold on the net, many sellers would say that the wig they selling is the virgin hair, but any time the real mean part of the wig is human virgin hair, So, when you choose a shop to buy hair, you must select the shop to have high integrity degree to buy.

  We have our own shopping net,  our company has working for more than 20 years, compared to other sellers, you directly buy from's manufacturer, there isn't any middleman. Anyway, we are self-owned manufacture enables continuously improves the quality according to customers' feedbacks and provides various kinds of products.

  • Jul 20, 2018
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