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Hair Loss? These Reasons Are Most Easily Overlooked

Under the normal circumstances, the hair will naturally fall off during the period of rest, and the hair that will grow longer into the growing period. Therefore, the hair will not become sparse, but if the hair falls off a lot, even there is alopecia areata on your scalp; then you should be alert to the hair follicle or what’s wrong with your body. Maybe you don’t recognize that the following reasons can lead to hair loss.

Reason 1: Too Much Stress

It is easier to make the hair loss because of too much stress or negative emotion. Under the influence of negative emotions, the autonomic and central nervous system of the body is dysfunctional, so the growth function of hair follicles will be restrained.

Reason 2: Severe Oily Hair

If your hair is too oily that is not only a simple scalp problem but also likely to cause your scalp pores to expand, unstable roots and bacteria grow, which indirectly leads to hair loss.

Reason 3: High Outdoor Or Indoor Temperature

The scalp pores are easy to open because the summer temperature is high. At the same time, the body's metabolism is extremely strong, that is why your hair will lose mildly. However, hair loss may still occur in winter, because if you stay in a hot air-conditioned room or a heating room, which is the same as the environment of the summer season.

Reason 4: Frequent Dyeing Or Perming

No matter what kind of hair dyed or permed products all have different degrees of influence on the scalp and hair. Therefore, frequent dyeing is very likely to cause hair fragility, scalp sensitivity, hair follicle damage or even hair loss.
  • Nov 10, 2018
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