Halloween Is Coming: Which Most Special Style Will You Pick Up

Do you have already prepared for Halloween in tomorrow? Every year there are various costumes in the masquerade, but it is awkward when you dressed the same as someone. Therefore, this year you should be chosen cautiously; if you really don’t know how to dress, we recommend that you can refer the most special costumes in 2018 that we are going to mention as below, and then, preparing the affordable virgin hair for the Halloween Party.

The Cat Lady

Thinking of playing the role of the classic cat lady. She is very friendly and a bit strange. She likes drinking tea. No one knows how many cats live in her house. With a pair of oversized glasses, one character that must be mentioned is that she Like to mess with the hairstyle, the more chaotic the better. She is keen on wearing a long skirt or a pair of high-necked flats, carrying some plush toy kittens.

Mad Scientist

If your major isn’t a science subject, and you don't have a lab coat, maybe you will borrow it from your friend. Like Cat Lady, you only need to mess up your loose deep wave hair and make it as cluttered as possible. With goggles or oversized glasses, you can put green liquid in the test tube, and show up at night party.


There are many witch roles in the fantasy story in the American film. You can dress them up as if they are exaggerated as much as possible. Wearing the red mink Brazilian hair straight hair, we recommend the witch in Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Of course, you can also play a villain role in "Sleeping Curse" -- Melficent who is played by Angelina Jolie, which will be absolutely eye-catching with a black robe and sexy red lips.

  • Oct 30, 2018
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