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It’s a challenge to buy a great quality product when you are shopping, Because of the prices continuing to increase due to high demand. So many companies claim to sell human hair. Unfortunately, many of these shops sell hair that isn't 100%human hair, the hair are all mixed with animal hair or artificial hair. Here are some industry tips that will help as you recognized through the many hair choices today.

It is important to notice that Remy means specifically that all the hair cuticles have not been stripped, without any chemical additive. This process allows for the hair to lie in its natural position making for the most natural looking hair extension. Virgin Remy is hair that is untouched or unprocessed. To maintain the high quality of this hair it should only be steam processed without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Brazilian hair is more representative of the texture, a thick and wavy texture, holds color and curls very well and is soft and smooth. Malaysian Hair is shiny, the curls and waves are steam set so they will last. Malaysian hair is thick loves a leave-in conditioner. Peruvian hair is more coarse and thicker than the Brazilian and Malaysian hair so will blend well with Caucasian hair textures and African-American relaxed hair textures.

Human hair is expensive so be mindful of what you are purchasing. Real human hair weaves will last a long time when cared for properly and look nicer than those hair extensions that are mixed with synthetic or animal hair. Just understand that you will need to spend more time on upkeep as well as replace the hair sooner than with a higher quality human hair.
  • Aug 27, 2018
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