The first day your human hair extensions are installed is great. The hair looks perfect and shiny, there are no shedding and no tangles. As the weave gets used many times and you frequently use styling products on it, the hair can become dry and frizzy. This is a problem that all women who wear weaves have to attend at some point in their lives, especially if the hair is not 100% virgin human hair and unprocessed. The fact that you’re reading this post means you’ve struggled with this problem before, or you are currently struggling with the problem. In this post, we hope to tell you some tips on how you can prevent your weave from becoming tangled through simple, but functional steps.

Before we focus on the steps that can be taken to prevent tangling, we should discuss how to remove the existing tangles. Virgin Human Hair Extensions recommend using a controller in the shower, along with a wide tooth comb, to carefully detangle hair without bringing excessive damage. They also suggest using warm water and allowing the shower water to run through your hair as this often causes hair to untangle on its own or at least decreased the effort it requested to untangle the hair.

Do you know how to untangle you tangle hair but without causing damage to it, we should also think over the most suitable steps for preventing tangling. The best way to ensure your hair do not become tangled is to wash it frequently and to treat it with a quality conditioner that has been specifically made for weave hair. This will keep your hair from becoming too dry and frizzy,  and hair that is dry is prone to tangle rather quickly. When you term your hair, you should also brush through it with a wide tooth comb to ensure there are no existing tangles.

  • Aug 04, 2018
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