Your virgin hair from Wealthy Hair is an incredible venture and with appropriate care should last for months. Here are a couple of must read tips to help you keep your virgin hair.

Continuously brush your hair before going to bed. Continuously utilize a wide tooth brush or detangling comb brush the hair while holding it down with your other hand to anticipate pointless pressure and pulling.


Before shampooing your hair, dependably detangle it. And then use the big tooth comb to brush it to make it smooth.

Continuously condition your hair with a saturating conditioner, for example, silicon blend. This by itself will have a colossal effect


In the event that conceivable, be persistent with your virgin hair weave and let it air dry subsequent to washing it.


Apply a little measure of coconut oil 2 to 3 times each week as required.


Stay away from liquor based items for your hair as liquor is exceptionally drying to the hair.


Saturate you hair as required with amazing leave in lotions and conditioners.


To wrap things up, Wealthy Hair weave expansions are high caliber, next to no item is required. Try not to weight down your hair by utilizing excessively superfluous item.

  • Jul 13, 2018
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