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How To Distinguish Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian Hair

When you are buying a wig, you will do everything you can to buy the best. Well, you need to consider the following: What material I want? How long can it take? The most important point is that it will fall off or become entangled? All of these are things you need to consider when buying a wig. But these are very difficult to have a very standard answer. So, the following content hopes to make you aware of the wig.

Brazilian Hair. Brazilian hair is currently the most popular hair in the hair industry. It can last for to 6 months to a year. This hair has a natural sheen and a silky touch. Many hair stylists and women like this hair because it blends well with hair or light hair. In addition, this type of hair tends to keep curls well. Brazilian hair feels soft and all cuticles are in the same direction.

Peruvian Hair. Peru's hair is thicker and thicker than Brazil and Malaysia. If you are trying to mix your natural hair, this is the best hair. You can easily style and straighten Peruvian hair.  Many stylists stated that they like to use Peruvian hair because it looks natural and blends well with African-American hair. However, Peruvian hair is arid, is different from Brazil and Malaysia. If you are looking for an extension, you can easily maintain it and rarely maintain it.

Malaysian Hair. Malaysia's hair has a high shine. If you want a shiny, silky look, Malaysian hair is the best choice for you. However, as time passes and several washes, the hair will become slowly lose that high gloss and have a natural luster. Similar to Brazilian hair extensions, Malaysian hair is very flexible. This hair doesn’t require heavy oil or many products, but it does need to be as moist as natural hair.

  • Jul 26, 2018
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