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How to maintain the wig. From the three aspects of wearing, washing and putting wigs, you can easily get it. Of course, there are some details that we need to notice.
Wearing a wig is a skill that makes perfect. After only being proficient, you can become a person with a completely different temperament in less than a minute, simple and fast. But I have to say that because it is too simple to operate, many small details will be ignored by us, and there are many problems. The wig made by real people is customized and the size is very suitable. Therefore, don't use brute force to pull the wig during the wearing process, just find the exact position.
When taking a wig, you should also take care of our virgin hair extensions. First, do not expose to the sun or be exposed to acid rain. Second, when you usually take care of the wig, use a comb with a sparse gap to comb, pay attention to the best in the wig. A styling agent such as squirting gel water or wax.
The maintenance and washing method of real human hair wigs is very simple, just like cleaning our own hair. The first step of cleaning is to infuse the hair with warm water. This process takes only a few minutes. In the process of cleaning, you can add a flexible shampoo for cleaning, then gently grasp the hair with your hand. Yes, don't twist it by hand. Excessive force will cause the wig to scatter. After cleaning, you can use some hair care products to maintain the wig.
  • Aug 19, 2018
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