How To Match Your Clothing Everyday In Working Day

Do you have still been getting trouble of match of the clothing when you woke up? Do you match randomly just as you don’t know how to dress up? Do you had been bad mood because of your clothes match? I also get mass of these problem, but now i have own matching way of clothing so that i never get trouble of them. I will share the daily clothing match in autumn with you as below.

Firstly, the hair. I recommend that you buy the virgin hair from the virgin hair boutique. You can buy the virgin human hair and then sew into a wig. It is the best choice for you that the body wave human hair is the most easily to match with your cloth, and it is most popular in the market. In general, the body wave human hair wig give us an elegant and positive feeling which is very suitable for working place.

Secondly, the blouse. It is easily to make mistake that you choose one blouse that is not suitable for working. Actually, for working, less is more. We should give other people one minimalist feeling, therefore, it is better to choose one color blouse, like white, light blue, dark blue, gray and so on.

Thirdly, the pants. In order to match with the blouse, we can choose the suit pants. Black is versatile, which can match with most of color.

Lastly, the shoes. As a office lady, the black high heels is your safe choice. If you are not be accustomed to wear high heel shoes, you can choose the flat shoes.

I hope that my sharing is good for you. If you have any ideas for matching, welcome to leave your comment as below.

  • Sep 20, 2018
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