Human Hair Weave is a fantastic way to extend your own hair. It is supposed to look natural and realistic. Here at Easy hair, our hair weave is all 100% human virgin hair weave. With proper hair care and maintenance, the hair weave can last for over one year and multiple installs. Keep reading! Here are some hair care tips on your Brazilian Virgin Hair to help you save money. Regular Cleaning Co-wash your hair every week at least twice a week to keep it clean and soft. Part your weave into four quadrants. Create loose knots and secure with clips to reduce tangling. Use a spray bottle with diluted shampoo and diluted conditioner to reduce buildup. Saturate each section then massage product into scalp and hair as you would your natural hair. Gently massage with the hair weave. In order to prevent matting and tangling. Wash the weave starting from top to bottom by gently massaging the shampoo into the Bundles With Closure. Conditioning Sew-in Weaves When conditioning, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Rinse section by section, loosely wrapping back up in a knot when moving onto the next. Deep Conditioning Sew-in Weaves Deep conditioning opens up your hair cuticles and allows the product to deeply penetrate the strands bringing back the softness your weave once had. So it is important that you condition your sew in weave. Drying Your Hair Pat your hair dry after getting out the shower. Always let your hair air dry. If you do blow dry your hair, do it on a cold wind setting with a round brush. Let the hair air dry completely before styling the hair again! Always use a heat protect whenever you use heat on your hair to avoid breakage tangling and matted. These simple tips will leave both your weave and the natural hair feeling clean and refreshed. And remember it is critical to choose good quality hair weaves. It will save you both time and money.
  • Aug 27, 2018
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