Human Hair Wigs Must Know Tips About Processed and Unprocessed 

Human hair wigs are in trend, especially the lace wig version. These wigs look so real because the hair is collected from real humans. Popular human hair origins include India, Malaysia, Brazil, China and other places.

Processed Human Hair Wigs. The category of human hair lace wigs tagged processed units refers to human hair systems that have gone through hair color alteration or other chemical processing. The best way to make kinds of hair colors available is to process the human hair, therefore altering the original status of the hair.

Unprocessed Human Hair Wigs. The virgin human hair wigs are known as the unprocessed hair. No form of variance has been carried out on the wig – the original hair color is still intact, and the cuticles are also intact. The virgin hair is usually more expensive than the processed unit.

The advantage of both processed and unprocessed human hair wigs are obvious. For the processed hair, it provides more than one hair colors, and you can also have assorted hair textures to choose from. For the unprocessed unit, the hair cuticles that give life to the hair are not tampered with, and that extra-natural feel and appearance would be obvious.

The defect of both processed and unprocessed hair are obvious as well; if you process the hair, you may not get 100% natural feel since the hair would lose the cuticles. But if you do not process the hair, you only can wear just one hairstyle and hair color at all times.

  • Jul 24, 2018
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