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Do you prefer short hair or long hair?

Last summer, I had a long straight hair. But this summer, I cut my hair over my shoulder. Actually I don’t know why I cut it so short either. But it made me feel totally different from the long hair before. It is slight enough and easy to clean for true. At the beginning, I felt a bit sad of losing the long hair that I kept for few years. Tardily, I got used to my short hair and quite fall in love with it. However, Sometimes, some occasions made me miss my long hair and I desire a long hair again in some moment. So I began to try the ishow hair wigs.


My friends suggest me to buy the hair wigs or hair extensions in the local virgin hair boutique. I compared the price from the local hair shop and the online hair shop, I found that same products have a quite different price. The price on the online hair shop is much cheaper than the price in local real hair store. So I search the hair on the web. Easy virgin hair is the good after I browse a lot online hair shop. There are two brands hair in the Easy virgin hair. They sell really affordable virgin hair. Luckily, their full lace wig for sale at that time, so I place a long hair wig to try immediately!


I got my hair from them in the third day after I placed the order. The extremely fast shipping is really surprised me. That weekend I was invited to attend my friend’s birthday party, so I can’t wait to wear on it. I felt really satisfied with it and my friends all praised me with that long wig. When I want in short hair, I just take off my wig, when I want in long hair, the hair wig can help me to Can satisfy my temporary wish. That’s awesome!
  • Sep 09, 2018
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