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Something You Need to Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

Where is the hair originally from? European and specifically Russian hair is the best hair on the market. However, it is very rare and very expensive. Most hair extensions come from India and this is a good quality hair extension. However, hair from Asia is just as good because Asian hair is thick and strong and blends well.

Is the hair coated in silicone?

If they need to coat the hair in silicone that means that they need to cover something on the hair. But good quality hair extensions do not need to be coated with any harsh chemicals. Unless a hair extensions company states they needn't coat the hair in chemicals, otherwise, they most likely do.

What is the hair can last for?

Good hair extensions can last more 9 months to a year with people care. If a company states that the hair will only last for a month 2, it is not worth your time. Good quality hair can last over six months.

But the problem is that there are too many people are selling hair extensions and it's really hard to discover the best type of hair extension. Bad hair extensions are those that are low-quality Remy, have artificial shine, and are coated in chemicals that get stripped away after a few washes. Installing Hair extension is a good way to add roll or length to your natural hair while wigs can change your whole hairstyle which will cover your natural hair. No matter what hairstyle you choose, any color and pattern are available. virgin is 100% human hair in an original condition allowing hairstyle change including color-dyed, perm, haircut. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to find a high-quality Brazilian hair product. Nevertheless, taking good care of your Brazilian is essential to hair’s lifetime.
  • Aug 02, 2018
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