When you wash hair extensions, the water temperature is most important. Hot and cold water have quite different affect to human virgin hair, so here are some usefull tips about how to wash your virgin hair weave. Hot water or Cold water? Which one is more suitable.


Hot water may cause excessively permeable hair when you wash the soil from hair extensions. In any case, it can be useful if virgin hair is very oily and dirty. However, warm water also can clean the dirt from the hair weave. Generally speaking, warm water may be more advantageous for washing your hair.


Interestingly, Cold water keeps the moisture of the human virgin hair extensions and also keep virgin hair bundles healthy. What's more, it is known to smooth the hair. The color of the hair extensions also can be protected well in the cold water rather than hot water. It is not easy to fade. But there is still a question that the cold water might damage the shape of the hair weave, So I suggest to clean the brazillian or Indian human hair extensions with warm water.

  • Jul 16, 2018
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