The top 4 styles of human virgin hair

What style you would like when you decide to buy some human virgin hair extensions in the local virgin hair boutique or the online hair shop? And how many styles you have tried before?


Today I would like to share with you guys the top 6 popular styles in the market. They are Brazilian straight hair, kinky curly hair bundles, body wave human hair and deep wave human hair weave.


Why do I put the Brazilian straight hair weft at the first place? Because it is always the most popular and most use one. The Ishow hair Brazilian straight hair are from Brazil girls who never dye and perm their hair. So they are mink, soft, smooth, comfortable and healthy! That is the reason why people love it so much!


The kinky curly style is the most classic style, most of customers have been used this kind of hair extensions or hair wigs. Classic style will always have a place in people’s hearts. The kinky curly human hair bundles looks a little bit exaggerated but very comfortable. And it is very suitable for the aesthetics of young women.


The body wave is a quite new style in the hair market. At the beginning, it is mainly popular among the young and sexy ladies in USA. But it is just like a gust of wind to sweep the whole human hair market in the world in recent years! More and more women in other countries show great interest in the body wave style hair extensions.


The deep wave human hair weave style is evolved from the kinky curly style. As I mentioned above, the kinky curly is a classic style, therefore it has a large customers base. But some of them thought the kinky curly is boring after using for a long time, so they would like to have a little bit change of it. The kinky curly is very small curl, so they just try to expand the curvature to a bigger curl. Then the deep wave was came out.

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