What Is The Most Popular Color In 2018 Winter

With the approach of the winter of 2018/19, according to recent reports on T-stages, street fashion, exhibitions, and magazines, the colors are classified into core colors, fashion colors and embellishment colors. Therefore, we will introduce their respective characteristics and applications to you.

The swatch emphasizes the key color information of women's wear in winter. The core colors is an essential and seasonal tone in all product range. Fashion colors are the most innovative and popular color, which is from T-stage, street fashion and well-known exhibitions. Embellishment colors can be used to renovate items and decorate.

  1. Core Color

In the winter, the navy blue tone of the women's collection has been replaced by a deep blue tone. The deep blue coat is matched with Malaysian straight hair, which can create the fashionable and elegant look for you. Flannel gray can be combined with this tone to create a highly commercial item.

  1. Fashion Color

The orange that evolved from yellow became the fashion color that was favored by the retail market in winter. It shows urban culture and both functional and decorative features by exaggerated and gorgeous temperament. It can be matched with the deep wave human hair, I think that this matching will show your individual character. Just be a cool girl!

  1. Embellishment Color

The scarlet is rebellious, which is the key embellishment, sweeping the winter and party seasons. This eye-catching color is youthful and tough, adding vitality to the classic winter fabric, and dramatic effect to the dress. The eye-catching scarlet is the main theme, plus a simple and elegant design, which makes you more mature. I recommend that you can choose the loose wave hair weave, it’s perfect matching when it combines with the scarlet item.

  • Nov 29, 2018
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