What Kind Of Color Is Suitable For Winter

The autumn is nearly over, are you ready to dye a beautiful virgin human hair to meet the winter season? Today i want to introduce to everyone the most popular winter hair color in 2018.

  1. Latte Brown:

Recently, latte brown is the hot hair dyeing style of cold brew hair in Europe and America. As the name implies, it is like a latte-like highlighting style. It is based on brown color and matched with neutral cold color, or the golden color is combined with the light and dark color. This matching  makes the hair reach multiple levels, which creating a sense of gradient.

I recommend that the body wave human hair is very suitable for winter, combined with the latte brown, which will make someone turn heads wherever you went. This kind of highlighting method can make the hair have a beautiful three-dimensional line beauty. Girls who love brown hair must not miss it.

  1. Cappuccino Color:

It can make the hair looks smooth and shiny after dyeing, and even the color is lost, this color still looks beautiful. This color will change with the angle in the sunlight, showing the band with a slight misty feeling.

The cappuccino color is a romantic hair color that combines sweetness and temperament. It looks softer and fluffy with long curly human hair bundles. In addition, if the color of your skin is yellow; you can increase the red ratio of this hair color, which can help you to brightening your skin.

Pay attention: Don't forget hair care after dyeing

If the health of the hair is healthier, the longer the color retention. You should try to make the hair reduce the damage as much as possible, therefore, not only the hair color can be lasted longer time but also be created a glossy feeling. So romantic the colors they are! I decide to get one of the color in next time.

  • Oct 11, 2018
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