Why choosing hair wefts instead of full wig?

Have you ever used hair wigs? Have you ever bought full wigs? Or you prefer to make wigs with hair weft by yourself?


You might think that wigs are used only to cover up hair loss problems, but now more and more girls choose to wear hair wigs to change another hair style instead of dying and perming their own hair.


But now more and more people tend to buy hair extensions like hair wefts, lace closure and lace frontal to make a wig by themselves instead of buying a full wig directly. There are two main reasons why people buy hair wefts to make wig by themselves.


  • The hair wefts are much cheaper than the full hair wigs. Usually 3 or 4 bundles wefts with 1 lace closure or 1 lace frontal are enough to make a full wig. Usually 3 or 4 bundles with 1 lace closure just need 50usd -150usd. But if you buy the same quality full wig, it may cost 250usd-350usd. So most of customers like to buy hair wefts to make wig by themselves. It can help them to save a lot of money to buy more styles.  


  • Every girl has different shape and different size head. When girls are choosing the full wig, some of them will find the wigs may not have the size fit their head. If they want to buy a suitable one, they have to ask the seller to make a special one for them. As we all know, the special things always cost much higher. Actually the wig is not cheap, plus the special making fee, it will be too expensive that some of girls can not afford it. So buying some wefts to DIY a wig is the best choice for them. They can make a perfect wig according to their own needs and they can control the density of the wig.


Thus, if you like DIY and you don’t have a lot of money on hair, I think buying some weaves and closure to make a suitable wig for yourself is not a bad choice.  

  • Aug 14, 2018
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