Why Your Virgin Hair Extension Will Become Frizz And Dry?

If you have installed your virgin human hair for about a week, but now they are frizz, dry and looking bad, you feel angry with them and want to ask refund. Do you have thought that there are many reason to make the virgin hair become frizz, dry and bad, i can share them with you. I like wearing the best quality virgin human hair, and often buy it from advanced virgin hair boutique. These virgin hair can be stay longer time and easily to be maintained. You must want to save your money, so you should avoid to buy some low grade hair. Get good quality hair can help you save money and easily to maintain, like Ishow hair.

After you wear your virgin human hair, something will make your hair become frizz and dry.

  1. Lack of natural oil - your hair extension also need the natural oil like your own hair, so that they can stay healthy.
  2. Sun exposure - if you often stay in the outside, and do not wear the hat, your hair extension is also easily be damaged by the sunshine.
  3. Sea water - because of summer, many women like swimming in the sea, sea water also can cause damage to your hair extension.

There are many factors that also can make your hair be damaged. You should take good care of your virgin hair extension, especially the curl hair like body wave human hair, and take good care of your hair extension like your own hair, give it love and nutrition, so that it can be lasted longer time.

  • Sep 02, 2018
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